Patent Intelligence

Patent Intelligence

Our Patent Intelligence Group searches and analyses patent databases worldwide, generating key reports that enable adequate market evaluation and assertive decision-making. The invaluable insight provided through these reports allows assessing the competitive environment, planning research and investment strategies, designing strong patent portfolios and detecting licensing opportunities that may be going unnoticed. In short, our patent intelligence services make possible the gaining of strategic business advantage in the marketplace for our clients.


Patents are unique sources of competitive information from all areas of technology. They concentrate a great volume of information, as there exist around 50 million published patent documents in total and 1.5 million are added year after year. They also provide exclusive information, since 75% of the information disclosed through patent documents is not gathered by any other technical publication. Additionally, the information obtained from patent documents corresponds to the most recent developments.

Our Patent Intelligence Group consists of patent attorneys expert at searching, finding, examining and interpreting patent documents to obtain rich information. All of them are scientists and have extensive background in technology information. Their combined scientific, technical and legal training is of vital importance to conduct successful searches.


Our patent solutions allow our clients unveil current lines of investigation; evaluate or forecast technology trends; determine technologic particularities of a certain business area or industry sector; detect market niches; identify innovations; monitor the activity of an inventor or a company and much more.



• Patent Searches
• Patent Validity and Infringement Opinions
• Freedom-to-Operate Opinions
• Patent Mapping
• Patent Periodic Reports – Monitoring of Trends, Industries, Competitors, etc.


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