Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs

Our Legal Affairs Group provides general counsel on corporate and business law and also designs IP portfolio growth and defense strategies.


We counsel clients in all aspects regarding the creation of an adequate legal structure for their businesses. We accompany them through their growth, competition and change processes. We participate in mergers, acquisitions and other transformations, as well as in the legal requirements that companies face on a daily basis.


When dealing with investments in Argentina and abroad, strategic alliances, joint-ventures or cooperation consortiums, we participate in contract negotiations providing trained, stable and competent negotiators for each task.


We advice our clients on the best way to obtain economic returns from their IP assets. We have vast experience negotiating and drafting all types of related contracts, including licensing, purchase, sale, assignment, technology transfer and franchising agreements.

We enforce our clients’ IP against infringement and defend it against charges from third parties. We are versed in judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution proceedings and are also proud of our litigation record, having successfully represented our clients in complex cases before local courts. Our legal and scientific background proves to be of invaluable advantage in sophisticated patent cases.


We have a profound knowledge of the special legal frame applying to the main economic activities in Argentina, and advise our clients considering the special features of the market.


When legal actions arise, our attorneys are acute, precise and effective. Our clients trust their experience and knowledge on conflict resolution and their skills for delivering outstanding results.



Intellectual Property
• General legal advice
• Licensing, purchase, sale, assignment, technology transfer, distribution, and franchising contracts
• R&D agreements
• Defense of rights
• Extrajudicial negotiations
• Judicial actions and dispute resolution
• Litigation


Corporate Law
• Incorporations
• Corporate engineering
• Reorganizations and restructurings
• Due diligence audits
• Corporate dispute resolution
• Purchase and sale of shares
• Shareholder agreements
• Mergers, acquisitions and splits
• Investments
• Collaboration agreements, temporary unions, joint-ventures, strategic alliances,
cooperation consortiums


Commercial Contracts
• Contract counseling
• Negotiation procedures
• Media and Entertainment
• National co-productions
• International co-productions
• Advertising contracts

Regulatory Affairs
• Advice on current regulations
• Counsel on filing strategy for product approval and marketing authorization in Argentina
• Recommendation on clinical trials
• Preparation and presentation of product applications for registration before Health and Administrative Authorities
• Handling of complete administrative procedure up to product approval
• Compliance, registration renewals and maintenance of marketing authorization


• Commercial
• Administrative


Administrative Law
• Consumer law
• Antitrust and unfair competition
• Counseling on regulatory compliance
• Administrative procedures
• Antidumping
• Acting before all types of public entities and administrative or Federal Justice Courts, including the Supreme Court of Justice.



Pedro Berkenwald
Anahí Cordero
Federico Ulled
Bárbara Porcario
Guadalupe Ocampo
Alejandro Máximo Croci


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