Service Philosophy

Creating a Virtuous Circle.


Over the years, we have developed a relationship of trust and long-term commitment with our clients, grounded on the following: a clear understanding of their evolving needs, an optimal and timely response to meet them and the rendering of a service characterized by the following attributes:


An outstanding team of professionals

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, we make sure to rely upon a highly qualified team of professionals. To achieve this, we use a strict recruitment process, apply a regular performance evaluation system and promote their ongoing education and training.


Customized attention

All of our clients have direct contact with the partners of our firm. Furthermore, our professional team and administration staff are at their service to assist them on a permanent basis.


Efficiency and effectiveness in solving each case

At BERKEN IP we understand that our clients’ time is scarce and precious. We respond at the precise time, proposing the most efficient and effective solution to each challenge they entrust us with.


A favorable cost-benefit relationship

We follow a favorable cost-benefit policy, aimed at maximizing positive outcomes for our clients and the benefits derived from them.


The virtuous circle refers to the mechanism by which, after entrusting us the most sensitive aspects of their business and experienced our service, our clients keep doing so in a continuous manner.


At BERKEN IP we strive to maintain and strengthen this virtuous circle day after day.