Core Values

The principles that guide our action.


Our behavior is based on firm beliefs built into BERKEN IP’s culture.


Commitment, dedication, integrity, trust and respect

At BERKEN IP we are committed to creating value for our clients. Achieving such an aim demands our highest attention to their needs as well as our integrity and entire dedication to meet them. Moreover, we firmly believe in the importance of developing a work relationship of trust and mutual respect.


Excellence, professionalism and innovation

Quality is at the core of our activity. Both the services we provide and the professional relationship with our clients enjoy high excellence standards; day by day we strive to exceed ourselves and our clients’ expectations. We believe in innovation, in continual learning and in the development of creative solutions that result in improved outcomes.


Collaboration and teamwork

At BERKEN IP we understand that only through teamwork and a collaborative approach we are capable of solving situations in an agile and effective manner, fulfilling our commitments appropriately. We promote communication, companionship and solidarity among our members and with our clients.