We understand the needs and dynamics of companies.

Companies find in BERKEN IP the adequate professional structure to accompany the implementation and growth of their businesses. We have over thirty years of experience working collaboratively with the in-house legal departments of Argentine and foreign companies, which turn to us to manage their businesses most sensitive legal aspects, as are the strategic management of their IP portfolio or the negotiation of critical contracts relative to mergers, acquisitions, liquidations or splits. We provide our clients with legal assistance both on their daily routine issues as well as during the moments of significant change and transformation, accompanying them throughout all business phases.

Why choose us?


At BERKEN IP we do not only act as external legal counselors, but we also strive to understand the dynamics, speed, needs and business objectives of companies. This allows us to offer tailored services delivered in an appropriate and timely fashion.


We differentiate ourselves through the customized services we provide. Depending on the particular matter, our clients rely on the continual assistance of one of our partners and his / her team. The partner is responsible for channeling inquiries and for dealing in a quick, tidy and effective manner with the items on the agenda.


We make sure our services instill value to our clients’ patrimony.